John and Cathy Talvan

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I purchased my 1965 Corvette while stationed at Sheppard AFB Texas.  I bought it June of 1980 as a complete basket case.  I took a couple days of leave and put as much of the car together as I needed to be able to pull it on a trailer.  Front suspension, rear suspension, engine& transmission were installed first then the body with only a steering column in place so that I could steer the car getting it on a trailer.  Once I got it home it took another 6 trips to get all the boxes of parts home.  Doors, convertible top, and hard top were all in one trip then bunches of boxes.

I worked on assembling the vehicle to get it in running condition.  Three years later I was able to start the motor and wet the brakes so that I could start it and move it under its own power.  Ever since then I have been replacing all the old or broken parts so that I could get it completed.

It has been 34 years and I’m still not done but I have a plan and I’m sticking to it.









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